Welcome to AHPAS

As Healthcare Professionals, we are giving our hearts and souls to support and help our patients. There is no need for segregation or conflict.

There is a need for an organisation to be our voice, to provide specialised education and when needed connect people to the right legal firm for sound advice.  

AHPAS would like to provide the opportunity for all Healthcare Professionals to feel like they belong to one professional community.  

This is your portal to unite, collaborate, learn from each other and find innovative ideas.  

our vision

, We are here to provide a platform for all healthcare professionals to have access to sound clinical, regulatory, legal and financial education under one roof.  We are hoping to build a community where we can collaborate to discuss and learn from each other’s crafts. Currently there are many individual organisations representing various healthcare professionals, however our vision is to unite us all to become one professional body.  

AHPAS is here to provide that support when it matters.

Practitioner empowerment through CPD/Education/Peer support and collaboration with Health Practitioner wellbeing programs.

Prevention of adverse outcomes through alliance with organisations and advice ensuring optimum clinical and operational governance and compliance. 

Protection through guidance and support from the right representation and with adequate indemnity coverage.  

We are here for you.

AHPAS is where all Healthcare Professionals can belong, discuss and collaborate.

Why AHPAS is Different

Minimal membership fee with maximal value

Impartial to government grants or political agendas

CPD point education by Industrial Specialist

Representing all Healthcare Professionals