About Us

Through AHPAS, peer networking, advocacy will be created to support our Healthcare Professionals


AHPAS is where all Healthcare Professionals can belong, network and collaborate as a profession. A private enterprise to ensure all Healthcare Professional graduates are supported with appropriate education, peer networking and expert advocacy when it matters. The aim is to work parallel to regulatory bodies such as AHPRA and Medicare. There is clear evidence of increased regulatory interrogations with little or no consequences for vexatious and frivolous claims, as well as arbitrary prosecutions, resulting in inconsistent findings due to absence of peer reviewed and agreed peer standards. Through AHPAS, peer networking, CPD education and advocacy will be created to support our Healthcare Professionals. AHPAS will work closely with 19 National Health Practitioners Advisory Board Of Peers and other industry specialists in implementing an ongoing continuous education program for each stream of professionals.  This will provide a networking platform for Healthcare Professionals and fund an initial consultation and legal advice services from experts in the field of employment, industrial, administrative, constitutional and criminal law.

Advisory Board of Peers

A Advisory Board of peers will be appointed, supported, funded and regulated by the executives of AHPAS.  Board members will be appointed in accordance with strict service agreements set by AHPAS executives during the first year.

All ‘Board members’ credentials and  background will be published.

The Board will be called upon to discuss peer standards, advocacy and support plans for various Healthcare Professionals going through regulatory processes such as PSR/Medicare/AHPRA interrogations. 

Conduct and quality assurance will be consistent with the set standards and constitution of AHPAS.  The main objectives will be the protection, networking, support, education and advocacy for ALL Healthcare Professionals.