Please fill in this form so that our partners with ABC2 Solutions and ARAG can be in touch with you for your individual quoting and managing of the scheme.  If you do not receive any correspondence from our partners within 7 working days of filling this form, please contact us immediately.

Please be aware that your insurance scheme is not ACTIVE until you accept and pay for the offer and quoting made by the underwriters.  Upon acceptance and payment of your premium and in alliance with the terms and conditions provided by the insurance company your indemnity will be validated.  

Although we will try to get a response from our underwriters within 7 working days, as this product is a new product in Australia, there maybe a slight delay. This should not effect your membership with AHPAS. Please also remember that your indemnity is not active until a quote is generated, and you accept and pay for that quote. This is also not a replacement for your professional indemnity insurance.

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Additional Underwriting questions

Tax Protection
Criminal Prosecution Defence
Property Goods Damages
Statutory Licence
Compliance & Regulation
Identity Theft
Tenancy Disputes
Disclosure Questions (examples)