This insurance is only suitable for those healthcare professionals who are operating under a business/trust/company or a sole trader with an ABN. 


This membership is for those wanting AHPAS PRO and Legal Expense Indemnity Coverage. You will be asked to fill in two forms. One will be for AHPAS membership and payment, and for your insurance the collected data will be sent to our third party contractor for processing and subsequent quoting for your individualised indemnity insurance.

Terms: $220 / Year(AHPAS MEMBERSHIP FEE ONLY-Your Insurance premium will be separately billed and quoted to you.  Your Insurance will not be active until you accept the quoted offer and make payment to the underwriters)

As part of your upgrade, you will also receive a complimentary consultation with our GP CLARITY consultant to discuss how you can set up your practice to ensure you protect against any future or current medicare based audit issues.