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Project #1: COVID CRISIS Support for INDIA

Aim: This initiative is uniquely targeted at grass root operations. The project is focused on raising funds and focusing on specific, measurable, and attainable projects listed below.
The four focus areas of this project are:
1. Funds for medical equipment and medical supplies for volunteer rural generalists treating many 1000s of Covid patients.
We will be sending covid specific medications, oxygen concentrators, CPAP/BIPAP, HFNP, and others near Kolkata.  

2. Community-based women and children’s shelter support and rural projects focusing on building much-needed ICU-type setups in areas where there are no ventilatory support system.  

3. Urgent supply acquisition of essential medications needed for specialist respiratory physicians in Kolkata running voluntary clinics for the poor.

4. Urgent Ventilation/Bipap/CPAP and High Flow Oxygen equipment for Dr. B Mohan, and Intensivist from Bihar who has turned a wedding hall into an ICU, 1000 bed hospital.

How you can help!

Clinical Rostered Support – If you are a health care professional who is willing to be on a rotational roster to advise our Indian doctors who are working on the ground and need clinical support, please complete this form.

Clinical Roster Form
Option 3: Spread the word – copy the link of this page and share to your contacts