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A place for all Healthcare Professionals to belong! 

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  Our goal is to foster the culture of peer collaboration, Peer Networking and Advocacy to make sure that all Healthcare Professionals feel they belong to a profession and that they are never alone. 

Membership is open to ALL Healthcare Professionals and current students in Australia. 

Application can be made online here.

This membership is for those of you who are non vocationally or vocationally registered as healthcare professionals, seeking to be part of a professional body of peers, having full access to all premium membership benefits. This membership is a membership only option and it does not have the insurance package attached to it. If you would like to get the insurance package please choose the AHPAS PROTECT options.


This membership is for those wanting AHPAS PRO and Legal Expense Indemnity Coverage. You will be asked to fill in two forms. One will be for AHPAS membership and payment, and for your insurance the collected data will be sent to our third party contractor for processing and subsequent quoting for your individualised indemnity insurance. 

AHPAS membership is free for all training HPs. While you train, let us worry about your right to procedural fairness and policy/lobbying issues.

Cancellation will need one-month notice
All membership fees are tax deductible. 

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