As an AHPAS member, you will receive the following Services: Peer Networking and Advocacy

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As an AHPAS member, you will receive the following Services:


Proactive education for better collaboration

AHPAS platform will enable you to log and keep an accurate record of all your CPD activities. CPD content will be also uploaded on a regular basis with various content developers as well as our own team of outstanding clinicians devoting their own time to create educational content for our members to enjoy! Some examples of topics to be covered are:

  • Medico-legal matters-overview of common negligence issues, coroner’s cases and regulatory issues
  • Pharmacist educational contents such as compounding chemist regulations and myth busters
  • Paramedics resilience and wellness programs
  • How does registration for healthcare professionals work?  The Journey from graduation/migration to full registration
  • Common AHPRA notifications and outcomes-journey of a PUR
  • Pathway through Medicare Audits and PSR audits-myth busters
  • Practical tips on first responses when contacted by regulators
  • Your rights as Healthcare Professionals in Australia
  • Language development skills for standing your ground and rights
  • Remedy and prevention of commonly perceived notifications
  • Legal framework and governance that affects healthcare professionals
  • Basic legal rights and education surrounding the system of law, executives and public expectations
  • Healthcare professional health and wellbeing seminars –focus on financial and professional health
  • Career development and support workshops
  • Item to Item Medicare billing advice-covering five item numbers with each webinar constructed by previous audit/PSR effected practitioners
  • Training on Contemporaneous and Adequate medical record keeping techniques
  • Workshops on how to optimise Record keeping skills
  • Workshops on standardisation of clinical decision making and billing
  • Business optimisation and entrepreneurship
  • Strategic marketing and Risk management in Healthcare
  • Tax myths and Insurance General Advice
  • Accounting 101
  • Banking and Trust account basics
  • Wealth building advice
  • How to budget
  • Retirement planning
  • Patient and Business Record Keeping 
  • Communication skills
  • Patient interaction skills and management 
  • Clinician to clinician interpersonal relationship coaching 
  • Clinical online courses 
  • Webinar 
  • Offline events 
  • Review of Medical Records to combat audit process


Go Far with Peers

AHPAS members will have access to AHPAS community and discussion platform where healthcare professionals can openly discuss, network and collaborate with peers. This site will be moderated in accordance to the conduct as deemed appropriate by the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. As an AHPAS member you have an opportunity to help create a platform for innovation, debriefing and collaboration.

We will be approaching the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre to nominate our organisation as being one of the Collaborating Centres for Health Workforce Regulation. The purpose of this proposed partnership with WHO is to ensure that by supporting and advocating the rights of our Healthcare Professionals, we will be able to aid in promoting best practice in health workforce regulation and promote access to quality healthcare by sound, healthy, well trained and supported Healthcare Professionals.




Each member will have the opportunity to receive formal Legal advice from an expert in the appropriate field to facilitate one-off advice regarding prospective of a potential case. In the legal world this would be deemed as an Initial Consultation. After Initial Consultation is conducted, if members wish to apply for further aid in fund raising or possible sponsorship for cardinal cases or compassionate cases, executives of AHPAS will make discretionary decisions to dispense funding on a case by case basis. Our affiliate law firms apply heavy discounts and ethical billing for all AHPAS members and therefore through our guidance and connection members can be rest assured they are receiving the right advice.

We have now also launched AHPAS PROTECT, our new full package membership and legal indemnity insurance. This does not replace your obligation to have professional indemnity insurance, however it will be covering various aspects of healthcare practice usually not adequately covered in your conventional indemnity coverage.

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