Please meet our fabulous team of clinicians and professionals.  They have all given up their time and effort, all pro bono, just simply believing in the goodness and ethos behind AHPAS.  We are continuing to recruit for other Board members interesting in helping with our journey.  Please feel free to contact us if you feel you could contribute to our profession.  Please forward any inquiries to info@ahpas.com.au


AHPAS is not a NOT FOR PROFIT company.  We are a commercial entity.  However all profits are regenerated into the progression and advancement of the organisation.  None of our executives/owners or board members are drawing any financial gain.  The indemnity insurance is provided and underwritten by a third party partner.  AHPAS receives heavy discounts for our members for the package and we also receive a percentage of the indemnity cost as a referral fee.  


AHPAS GLOBAL is in the process of being established as a Not for Profit for our overseas and charitable causes.  Once this is established, people will be able to make contributions that are tax deductible for the desired causes.